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Thursday 31st May 2007 05:44 PM

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Losing databases is a developers nightmare, so it's really important that they are kept safe. Files are always easy to keep a backup of locally, but databases are constantly changing and quite often not backed up quite as much as they should be.

I've come across a great little backup solution if you have a spare linux box in your home/office.
automysqlbackup is a simple shell script, that you can dump into your cron.daily folder and forget about. It can be set to monitor every database and create incremental backups at certain times of the day/month.

Many of the other solutions I looked at required you to define specific databases to backup, and to be honest, it's so easy to forget to add just that one database... so I suggest you set it to "ALL" and let it run, create a "backup" user and give them restricted permissions to every database.

It's not just for running on a local machine either, this script can be run on a machine at your home/office and (providing the right access hosts in mysql are setup) can connect to an outside server via SSH and automatically download from there.

Give it a shot if you're looking for a nice and easy solution to keeping your data safe and backups up to date!

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